Anti-resonant Base platforms let the physics do the job. The idea was to simplify design to absolute minimum and use natural components of optimum acoustical properties.

This goal is achieved by the board made of special wood. This plate is then put loosely on crystal particles, allowing it to “float” which lets all the resonant micro-vibrations coming of audio equipment (speakers, voltage transformers or other electronic components) to be damped between the crystals and turned into thermal energy. Thanks to their irregular shape and size we achieved naturally balanced damping structure. The whole design reduces vibrations bi-directionally – generated by audio devices (“going down”) and also absorbed from the environment by the platform (“going up”). The final result is clearly stunning: once you heard, one cannot believe how good the audio system is going to sound with unnecessary vibrations cut off.

The highest grade wooden board can hold up to 100 kg load while keeping 100 % of its excellent acoustical properties. Thanks to this the platform can be used for many high-end audio & video devices. The acoustic resonant frequency of quartz crystals is located far beyond the range of human hearing, making Base platforms 100 naturally transparent for other sound devices.

Dimensions: ???
Weight: ???

Because the best sound starts at the very base.