The bases of best quality sound.

Additional audio accessories are treated as final touch for musical systems, letting them gain the best possible sound quality as well as keep proper aesthetics for many interiors. Our goal is to join these two aspects: fighting resonant vibrations and distinguished, yet versatile design.

These accessories and components are sometimes called “gadgets” or “adjusters”, which is rather vague because those names don’t show all the aspects of our reality. First, it’s rather hard to call massive 6-piece equipment support “a gadget”. Second, instead of adjusting or adding their specific character to original sound, these accessories prevent the system of losing its extreme sound clarity. Usually it gets interfered by unwanted resonant frequencies coming of loudspeakers or electrical components. Please believe us: those issues happen not only in micro-scale.

In Base we approach these phenomena in complex way. Our products are designed to minimize harmful vibrations at the very basic stage, not even allowing them to be generated. Once any corrupt frequencies go out, they are immediately damped and dissipated.

Base lest you enjoy the purest sound of your hi-fi or high-end system, offering exclusive audio equipment supports (table racks, damping platforms) as well as electrically and acoustically isolated plugboards of highest class.

Because the best sound starts at the very base.