Our success in the field of high-end rack supports made us dig a bit deeper. The result was Base Power plugboard introduced several years ago, which gave birth to the whole series. Let us proudly present the latest line of products providing the purest kind of electricity to your musical equipment.

All models use unique solutions developed by Base:

First electrical connection. Introduced in prototype model as the way of hooking separate sockets directly to the main input bars, instead of linking one socket to another. Despite longer wire lengths (estimated 2 m for the whole lot), we can gain much better quality of supply voltage and less distortions.

Solid input bars made of high-grade purity copper capable to take huge current loads. SB technology demands the best possible quality of built and materials used in first (main) electrical connection.

High-grade input socket. Due to the simple fact that even small accessories affect overall sound quality, we decided to use renowned Furutech input socket. We hope this name tells you everything.

Insulation and resonance damping. All the models are settled on small spikes reducing surface between plugboard and floor. It has great positive impact on fighting unwanted vibrations. Also, inside the chassis we can find such acoustical rarities: silk damping wool PSA-100 placed around input socket, bitumen layers and loose natural quartz crystals used in highest range models. The latter solution transform parasite vibrations into thermal energy to dissipate them this way. Almost all accessories here are made by renowned Japanese manufacturer – Acoustic Revive.

Screw tightening. We’re aware of sound deterioration caused by soldered connections, that’s why we suggest point-to-point screw joints.

Anticorrosive layer. All internal connectors and contact points are treated with ECI-100 cleaning & preservative spray before assembly. It’s produced by Japanese pioneers of research on acoustical micro- and macrocosm phenomena – Acoustic Revive.

Quartz resonator. QR-8 by Acoustic Revive is placed underneath each output socket, helping reduce unwanted electrostatic radiation.

Because the best sound starts at the very base.