The highest range audio equipment can be appreciated only when you let it spread its wings and play music in all spectrum of acoustical details. This can be achieved by placing all components onto specifically designed rack-type support.

Base solutions guarantee acoustically and electrically clean conditions for electronic audio devices and turntables. We design them with use of thoroughly tested technologies and materials, thanks to our engineers’ long term experience and research on issues of vibration and resonance. Our rack-type supports help achieve high-end reality of sound in case of any audio system, regardless the price.

Base rack supports are designed to fulfil very complicated task: protection from external vibrations (especially generated by loudspeakers) as well as eliminating micro-vibrations caused by electronic devices (i.e. power supply transformers)

Key features:

  • Big mass load for stable support of audio devices as well as inertia used for natural resonance damping
  • Several levels of minimizing parasite vibrations: fully isolated tabletop, welded chassis filled with damper as well as full separation from the floor
  • Simple construction principles and versatile design
  • The palette of many wooden finishes and colours of chassis
  • No limits for customized size and shape available on special order

How they are built:

Provides direct contact with device put on it. After years of experience with granite our research team found another solution, better in terms of acoustics, but also very lightweight and more aesthetical: layers of plywood glued together. Every surface consists of two layers: 15 and 25 mm, joined together by special adhesive guaranteeing perfect resonance dissipation. This technology allows gaining very high rigidity and much better damping. All surfaces are finished in natural wood veneer, covered with anti-fade protection layer and lacquered with highest quality transparent varnish. These varnish layers are subsequently dried and polished until they look perfect. It’s done three times and the result is beautiful glossy surface as you may notice in highest grade furniture.

All parts of chassis are precisely welded internallu, which results in higher stiffness of the whole lot – dissipating resonances and turning them into thermal energy is way more effective. Thanks to that the whole metal chassis remains equally rigid and it doesn’t get loosen throughout long periods of time. Also, the elements welded from the inside look much better in terms of aesthetics.

Our experience in this field suggests filling the chassis with special oil. This type of solution is offered by the best turntable specialists – in those cases reducing micro-vibrations is most important of all. The liquid filling doesn’t cause corrosion and show excellent damping / capacity ratio.

The chassis can be filled with oil as per special order requested by customer.

Extremely rigid and fully damped chassis frame must be settled on the floor using special spikes. Even those can be somewhat extraordinary: each of them is ended with extremely firm and sharp top made of special steel: either hardened by titanium nitride or HRC9 chromium high speed steel alloy. These solutions provide extreme sharp ending even under couple hundred kg load. The spike mounting supports holding the whole chassis are made of chromed brass.

All tabletops are placed on steel spikes and nickel pads, providing additional vibro-insulation for all other elements.

Because the best sound starts at the very base.